Posted by James Willard on April 17, 2006 
Great archive photo. For anyone who has ever been at Marion recently, you can still picture the view. Less tracks, no signal bridge, and certainly no E8's, but the station and tower are still there.
Posted by Fred Stuckmann on July 6, 2009 
Nice work on these EL shots. Thanks.
Posted by beano on March 12, 2017 
Ah like it a lot the railroad pitcher you got and thanks for Sharon it wif us. Say when Glenn and well be happy to check em out again. The down to earth look of railroads and yes the gritty and somewhat toxic environment from oil leaks and various fluids the steam drain pipes of a locomotive idling for awhile and the smells of the creosote stained RR ties really do add to the essence of a train station , and don't forget the sounds of the diesels humming you into lala land along with the hissing of the steam and its smells.
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