Posted by Matthew J. Ryan on April 13, 2006 
Even as a diesel guy, I have to admit thats an awesome sight in every sense of the word! Great image!
Posted by Ray Peacock on April 13, 2006 
there's a POTW if I ever saw one.
Posted by Steve Carter on April 18, 2006 
Very impressive!!!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on April 18, 2006 
that is a great photo Mitch, congrats on POTW
Posted by SpirosN. on April 19, 2006 
just... very very good!
Posted by justinking on April 19, 2006 
I'll second Matthew J. Ryan. Even as a diesel guy thats an amazing sight
Posted by David Wheeler on April 19, 2006 
I love the 2 different colours of steam from both engines. Congrats on POTW
Posted by Dave Kerr on April 19, 2006 
A really terrific photo.
Posted by Jerome Mildred on April 19, 2006 
Incredible. Very well done.
Posted by Brian Gessel on April 20, 2006 
FANTASTIC photo! Gives you chills.....
Posted by Ryan Parent on April 22, 2006 
Incredible! Congrats on potw.
Posted by on April 23, 2006 
Wow! Incredible shot! A well deserved photo of the week, Mitch!
Posted by Ken Carr - Vegas Rails on April 26, 2006 
Excellent one great catch
Posted by highliner on March 19, 2007 
Very sharp, well done!
Posted by J. M. Fusco on June 2, 2008 
Wow.... This looks just like the heydey of steam! Even that plume of steam coming out of the factory (?) in the background adds to the photo, as if there was a 3rd steam locomotive somewhere down the line.
Posted by Bear on April 16, 2012 
4-8-4, yeah, they definitely rule the rails.
Posted by Joshua Potter on July 1, 2015 
This is an incredible site. I wish they still ran these locomotives.
Posted by Donald Haskel on February 13, 2016 
Shots of this nature make me believe I should subscribe to you.
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