Posted by Ken Szok on February 28, 2006 
Nice image. It keeps the eyes busy soaking up the details.
Posted by Pat Lorenz on February 28, 2006 
excellent photo, it really captures the color. At 2 am in the morning, if i saw this train appear, i thnk i would begin to think it really was a ghost train. You really did a great job, my nomination for peoples choice. Pat Lorenz
Posted by Steve Carter on February 28, 2006 
A once in a lifetime shot. You get extra credit for risking life and limb in that neighborhood.
Posted by Alex Ramos on February 28, 2006 
Awesome shot Ryan, you deserve POTW for this one.
Posted by Dave Kerr on February 28, 2006 
Wow! Fantastic!
Posted by Leonard Ruback on February 28, 2006 
Nice shots. ia am surprised the signal in the far left foreground is not lit red. It looks like a target is facing us, but I could be wrong.
Posted by Joshua Humeston on February 28, 2006 
Simply outstanding!!
Posted by Ken Carr - Vegas Rails on February 28, 2006 
Ryan What can i say it all been said...Great photo
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on February 28, 2006 
These newer year 2003 era CalTrain CTC "trilight" signals face both ways and had been lit red. With no other trains to the south (or anywhere on the Peninsula this time of night), I guess they went dark after the train stopped. Perhaps the CalTrain hogg members here can further explain...
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on February 28, 2006 
last comment - to see what the difference a little night light makes at this location (plus having a unique subject helps), please see
Posted by billnict on February 28, 2006 
Eye Candy!
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on February 28, 2006 
Great shot! Plenty to look at, a well deserved POTW, and my nominee for PCA.
Posted by Telus6429 on March 1, 2006 
Ryan, may I say amazing. Between you, Alex, and the other group of people From southern California who captured this move, lets just say thanks. I know as some of us from other regions that couldnt capture all the great moves like this down that way, but to see the picture that came out of this, makes for great stories to see and hear. Keep up the good work all of you.
Posted by Anthony K Small on March 1, 2006 
You may not know this already (lol) but.................GREAT PHOTO!!!!
Posted by bnsf70mac on March 1, 2006 
EXCELLENT,EXCELLENT Shot what more can be said
Posted by Gregory Dahbura on March 1, 2006 
Wow.... most interesting night shot I've seen. Really shows the whole scene!! Amazing photo!
Posted by ClarkGA on March 3, 2006 
The right time, the right place, and the skill to recognize and capture it!
Posted by Mick Boyd on March 4, 2006 
Wow, what a brilliant shot, I'm sure OWL would have been proud, It's now my wallpaper. I see something different everytime I look at it. Mick Boyd, UK.
Posted by Chris Gadbois on March 4, 2006 
Great shot! You got a good one with that one.
Posted by Burnuts on March 4, 2006 
Oh wow for sure!!! Sweet deal... Hey Big R nice job!! When are we going to see more?!?!? "More to come..."
Posted by Matthew J. Ryan on March 10, 2006 
Simpily put...dead on! It was obviously a generous exposure also judging from the length of the highway headlight streaks. Very nice. Another 10 appears on the site.
Posted by Stephen Jones on July 9, 2006 
An absolutely brilliant shot!
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on July 11, 2006 
It's amazing also how clear it all is!
Posted by caltrain64 on December 5, 2006 
Living on the CalTrain line, this is my #1 favorite picture! Thanks for sharing Ryan!
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on May 29, 2007 
Great fortune in having the train stop at this location for a time exposure, and you made the most of it with an excellent capture.
Posted by TEXTOM on September 29, 2009 
See Photo ID # 289533 / Same location taken 3 years earlier in daylight by Chris Butts on July 3, 2009
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