Posted by Dave Kerr on November 1, 2005 
An extraordinary shot, Kevin!
Posted by Earl Minnis on November 1, 2005 
Terrific shot, Kevin. Nicely framed and great lighting. The moon just adds another dimension to the overall scene....
Posted by Eric Daly on November 1, 2005 
Posted by Pat Lorenz on November 1, 2005 
Aesome work, looks like that train came just in time before the sun set. I love the glint off the hoppers, the shot is very well composed with great color. Good Work! Pat Lorenz
Posted by mohamed on November 2, 2005 
its really anice shot. the train looks like apiece of gold.nice work kevin and waiting to see more nice work from you. mohamed
Posted by Steve Host on November 5, 2005 
Well done!
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