Posted by Brandon Smith on October 4, 2005 
Great moody shot. The background really makes the locomotive stand out.
Posted by Joseph LeMay on October 4, 2005 
WOW! Amazing! Great color and superb shot!
Posted by Joshua Humeston on October 4, 2005 
Interesting perspective, Great shot!! Nice catch!!
Posted by Bewildebeeste on October 5, 2005 
Looking nice, but still sad to see the FL9's go.
Posted by Greg Dahbura on October 5, 2005 
Wow..... that turned out awesome. VERY nice shot.
Posted by Glen Ellyn on October 5, 2005 
Wow, very dramatic! That has to be the best storm picture I have ever seen. Next to the ones with the lightening drawn in. ;)
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on August 12, 2006 
Creepy shot. Nice!
Posted by GJ Worth on October 16, 2008 
Always a Railfan, but this photograph inspired me to join RailPictures and go buy a new camera. Thank you Chris!
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