Posted by Pat Lorenz on August 28, 2005 
That is one of the most interesting photos i have seen on this database. I really love all the elements, the curve, the mountains, the train and color. You sure picked out a nice spot, great work. Pat Lorenz
Posted by Ivo Van Steenwinkel on August 29, 2005 
Indeed a very nice shot Daniel! Keep on sending those nice pictures!
Posted by Joshua Humeston on August 29, 2005 
What a shot!!! Congrats!! Looks like luck was on your side that day!
Posted by J. Randall Banks on August 31, 2005 
Now this would be a bad spot for a train to jump the track.
Posted by Sid Vaught on September 16, 2005 
I nominate this as one of the ten all-time best photo locations on planet Earth.
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