Posted by Chris Wilson on August 2, 2005 
Might be a Nissian! They did deliver it from the plant to the ground though!
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on August 2, 2005 
yea thats nissan pathfinder armanda. not a toyota
Posted by mc5725 on August 2, 2005 
That's Amtrak's way of destroying the competition!
Posted by Mike Bates on August 2, 2005 
Looks like a load of Nissan Pathfinders ...
Posted by Erik Gustafson on August 2, 2005 
They also don't mention in what condition it will be delivered. Great shot
Posted by Brent on August 2, 2005 
The scrap from those things will worth more than the vehicles themselves!
Posted by Mike Kirsch on August 2, 2005 
Sounds to me nobody likes Nissan. I guess so since they last longer than any other make. :) Nice shots Keith!!!
Posted by Matt Marck on August 2, 2005 
The white SUV appears to be a Nissan Armada, with the Pewter one being a Nissan Frontier.
Posted by Joshua Humeston on August 2, 2005 
Jeez, i'd hate to be the one that ordered the white Pathfinder Armada...
Posted by Warren on August 2, 2005 
I knew you would be on the scene Keith! Not! This was Johns catch! Nice shot John!
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on August 3, 2005 
the white one in front of the pathfinder looks like a quest
Posted by Jonathan Thrasher on August 3, 2005 
This is awful, this will slow down all the Traffic on the River Sub and now a Swoosh Logo. Is there any info on what caused the crash or such. I seen this train along with a dash 9 i believe it was. Thanks for the sad shots ;) Jonathan
Posted by Steam&Diesel Railfan on August 3, 2005 
That poor Nissan Titan is crushed under everything else.
Posted by mtrails on August 3, 2005 
I work at a collision repair shop... have UP give me a call, I can get those vehicles fixed... except the ones underneath the other autorack.
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