Posted by cjr3559 on June 4, 2005 
Great shot, John! My vote for photo of the week!
Posted by Ryan Parent on June 5, 2005 
I really like these photos showing the folks that actually involved in running a RR. Nice job John.
Posted by M.J. Scanlon Photography on June 5, 2005 
Nice shot. Good job catching the railroader using a 2x4 for a seat. There should be more human factor photos on RP.
Posted by Tim Stevens on June 11, 2005 
Nice shot John! CN doing what it does best! Nothing!
Posted by Kevin W. Vahey on October 9, 2006 
Tim's got that right....but that looks like good old WC back there, not CN....
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on May 31, 2007 
I love quality railroader shots, and you use shallow DOF here with excellent results.
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