Posted by Tim Stevens on May 25, 2005 
Cool to see UP units with Canadian grain!
Posted by Chris Wilson on May 31, 2005 
The Canada hoppers add! Congrad's on getting the POTW!
Posted by on June 1, 2005 
Congrats Aaron on POTW. This is an amazing picture. Keep up the great work! -Chris
Posted by Jeff Weber on June 1, 2005 
Beautiful picture, beautiful river, beautiful city. Great shot.
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on June 1, 2005 
cool shot, and great job on POTW
Posted by xrayguy on June 1, 2005 
Nice to see Minnesota represented in the POTW. Great shot and congrats
Posted by mc5725 on June 3, 2005 
Gotta love those AC6000s! These beasts sing a beautiful song in Run 8, and smoke it up like this when they accelerate!
Posted by Mitch Wahlsten on June 3, 2005 
Congratulations, Aaron, this is an excellent shot! Any picture that features trains and the skyline of Minneapolis or St. Paul in the background is a winner to me.
Posted by MCsport on November 23, 2005 
Nice shot! The old CGW Robert Street lift bridge is a nice contrast to the futuristic St. Paul skyline and Union Pacific locos. Nice Job, Aaron!
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