Posted by Dave Kerr on April 13, 2005 
Splendid photo, Dan.
Posted by Jack Shand on April 13, 2005 
I love this photo. It looks carefully planned and works beautifully.
Posted by Joseph LeMay on April 13, 2005 
Very cool photo, Daniel. Lots of arches!
Posted by Mark MacDougall on April 13, 2005 
Awesome photo! :)
Posted by billnict on April 14, 2005 
Posted by A.J. Smith on April 20, 2005 
Fantastic shot, Dan! Wow!
Posted by Willie Brown on April 21, 2005 
Congrats on Photo of the week! Nice pic.
Posted by Brad Bender on April 21, 2005 
Great picture Dan.
Posted by Mike True on April 22, 2005 
What a catch! Good shot!
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