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America's Railroad

By: ckeefer58
Album Views: 42,361
An album showing Amtrak behind the scenes, and doing what it does best, hauling America from Coast to Coast.
Ladies with or who love trains!

By: Bob Pickering (BP)
Album Views: 42,272
Wonderful ladies by trains railways and such. Girls like trains too!
Bullet Trains

By: Bob Pickering (BP)
Album Views: 42,021
If it's fast, it's here
Greenville District

By: Peter Lewis
Album Views: 41,959
Every shot on RP from the Howell Wye in Atlanta, GA to the Amtrak Station in Greenville, SC.
American Locomotives Abroad

By: ollie
Album Views: 41,748
American steel working overseas.

By: dieselhead
Album Views: 41,658
Seasonal color

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 41,580
Female Photogs

By: Emily Moser / HarlemLine.com
Album Views: 41,561
We're not just here to be the "girls, girls, girls" in your shots! Females of RailPictures are behind the lens too.
Siemens EuroSprinter family

By: Minyo Anzelm
Album Views: 41,193
Nearly a thousand pictures of Siemens ever built engines of the EuroSprinter and EuroRunner family as the ES1, ES64U2, ES64U4, ES64F4 and the ER20, etc. Join us on flickr too! https://www.flickr.com/groups/siemens_loks/
Tourist Lines

By: ollie
Album Views: 41,179
Gone but not forgotten

By: David H
Album Views: 41,141
Railroads that have passed, but are remembered in photographs.
British Railways

By: Pete Boor
Album Views: 40,700
Rail in East Germany

By: J Neu, Berlin
Album Views: 40,695
Mostly Steam

By: Mitch Goldman
Album Views: 40,576
Photos with ridiculous luck (and skill)
The Spirit Of '76! (and American Patriots!)

By: Dana M.
Album Views: 40,436
Railroads displaying American pride, and spirit! Equipment painted Red, White, and Blue! With an honored salute to our troops added too! Patriots can still be found to join this gathering of Pride!

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 40,329

By: ollie
Album Views: 40,208
Reading Blue Mountain & Northern

By: ollie
Album Views: 40,208
The Road of Anthracite

By: Pete Greischar
Album Views: 40,019
abandoned track, signals, depots, etc.
Engine Details

By: Janusz Mrozek
Album Views: 40,002
Generally speaking, shots where less than a full engine is shown. But I want to feature details, not half engines or full cabs, and definitely not full nose shots. Just shots where someone has zoomed in with purpose.
California Zephyr

By: Mazari Sharif
Album Views: 39,941
Markers On

By: ollie
Album Views: 39,832
Lit marker and classification lights
Advertising billboards

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 39,552
Rio Grande - Scenic Line of the World

By: Kevin Madore
Album Views: 39,227
The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad and the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad are all that remains of the legendary Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge system. Here you'll find some of my favorites from these two beautiful railways.
Deutsche Bundesbahn - Rail in Western Germany

By: J Neu, Berlin
Album Views: 39,143
The seventies - and a little bit more.

By: ollie
Album Views: 39,044
The men and women who make all this possible.
Tree tunnel

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 39,023
"Tunnel" effect trees tend to make when they sweep across the tracks.
Please, be so kind and suggest me additions to this album when you find such pictures
Contrast Between Old And New

By: James Stewart
Album Views: 38,808
A contrast between steam and diesel or old diesel and newer diesels sitting side by side

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 38,734
German Railways

By: Pete Boor
Album Views: 38,687
A Veiw From Above

By: Spencer T. Whitman
Album Views: 38,646
Aerial shots from drones, helicopters, or other high locations.
Prime movers

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 38,210
The bowels of diesel locomotives

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 38,170
Hall of Fame Photographs

By: Steve Schmollinger
Album Views: 37,802
Photos by some of the best railroad still photographers in North America. These photographers must have a significant impact on the art form and have been shooting (or shot in the past) for at least 10 years.

By: Mitch Goldman
Album Views: 37,534
Trains in Fog
Photos That Inspires Me!

By: Guillermo Sanchez
Album Views: 37,420
These are NOT my photos but, I want to acknowledge these photos did create inspiration for me to try more and more new things as a photographer.

By: Mitch Goldman
Album Views: 37,382
Photos where the Moon is integral to the composition.
Ontario Railography

By: CitySlicker
Album Views: 37,307
Images pertaining to operations of Class I, short lines and anything involving the railway that is located in Ontario, Canada.
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe

By: ME Rail Road
Album Views: 37,212
EMD FTA/B, EMD F7A/B, Alco PA, Streamliner Super Chief, Streamliner San Diegan, Caboose

By: ollie
Album Views: 37,128
Shops and service points

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 37,113
Best of Black & White

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 36,706
Steam on the High Iron

By: ollie
Album Views: 36,582
Steam locomotives on the mainline.

By: Nick Anshant
Album Views: 36,385
Great CSX pictures

By: Kyle
Album Views: 36,352
Great pictures of CSX locomotives. Only pictures that are almost perfect or perfect are in this Album
Nickel Plate Road 765

By: ollie
Album Views: 36,141
Wide Cab Locomotives

By: John Westfield
Album Views: 35,810
Replacing older standard cab locomotives, Wide Cab Locomotives provide crews with better comfort and safety.
Brand New Equipment

By: Caleb Keefer
Album Views: 35,398
This is as clean as they're gonna get, whether straight from the factory or a fresh rebuild.
Rolling Stock

By: David H
Album Views: 35,384
Rolling Stock related photos

By: ollie
Album Views: 35,382
In for repairs

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