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Reason(s) for Rejection:
Angle (Going Away): Photos in which the train is traveling away from the photographer, or roster shots focusing on the rear of the subject, are generally not accepted. Exceptions are made for artistic and/or unique images.

Locomotive Details Location
R.J. Corman Railroads
Canfor Southern Pine
Red Hill, South Carolina, USA
Locomotive No./Date
Train ID Photographer
RJCS 7710 
March 21, 2017 - RJC-1 
Michael Derrick (106)
Remarks: R.J. Corman Carolina Lines now operates the former Carolina Southern Railroad. Here, the crew and a Canfor employee discuss cars to pull from the industry in Red Hill, SC near Conway on the former Waccamaw Coast Line, affiliated with the former Carolina Southern. New life for a shortline which seemed gone not that long ago.

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