Posted by Kevin Madore on February 13, 2018 
Wow, I love the depth of field compression effect of the long telephoto. That is the shortest Acela I've ever seen. Incredible catenary tunnel as well. Glad the screeners recognized the artistic value in this one. Nice!
Posted by Joshua Jankus on February 13, 2018 
Ah yes, Northbound having just come over the crest. Which direction do you see higher track speeds from, typically?
Posted by John Doughty on February 14, 2018 
PCA vote, and it is nice to see you posting photos again!
Posted by Loyd Lowry on February 14, 2018 
Very interesting composition. Great subtle lightplay with patterns throughout. Since you're still trudging through the mud with a Canon body, I'll forgive the slight noise. :)
Posted by Scott Markloff on February 15, 2018 
Great shot and PCA from me as well. Keep them coming.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on February 26, 2018 
The Panmaster is now the Tele Tunnel Titan!
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