Posted by Jake McGarvie on June 26, 2012 
Another beauty ready to join it's pretty sisters.
Posted by Robby Gragg on June 26, 2012 
Introducing the brighest SD70ACe on earth, love it!!!
Posted by john henry S.D.M. on June 26, 2012 
Posted by Chad Karschner on June 26, 2012 
I love how they accented the horn by painting it silver
Posted by VIPE54 on June 26, 2012 
Silver cab roof too, awesome job!
Posted by CONRAIL-KID on June 26, 2012 
Incredible thanks NS. So so jealous of all you east coast and midwest railfans. Im stuck in one train a month UP land
Posted by Chris Marwood on June 26, 2012 
Nice paint scheme. Looks good with the silver undersides
Posted by RailfanLineman on June 26, 2012 
Gorgeous job NS!
Posted by Gary on June 26, 2012 
Thats looks absolutely incredible!
Posted by RestoreTrains on June 26, 2012 
Posted by Jay Hawthorne on June 26, 2012 
Another winner !, and as an added bonus this one matches the the landscaping.
Posted by Wharton Separk on June 26, 2012 
Beautiful, beautiful .... great work NS .... thanks, again for the entire project!
Posted by pierre fournier on June 26, 2012 
I think I'll start a collection of these pictures.
Posted by Rich Clark on June 26, 2012 
Wow, what an eye catcher and a great paint job all over! The silver is a nice change and it brings out the other colors and all the little subtle highlights and attention to detail, great job NS.
Posted by andy parr on June 26, 2012 
Fetch the shades.
Posted by Snowy on June 26, 2012 
Just wicked!
Posted by Mike Mautner on June 26, 2012 
The best yet ! The silver trucks and horn make it.
Posted by Renee on June 26, 2012 
In all my years of photography of trains I only caught one or two IT engines. I think this locomotive is just incomparably beautiful compared with those little IT SW's.
Posted by mike scott on June 26, 2012 
sweet picture!
Posted by Mark Rosnick on June 26, 2012 
Wow! This one really pops. You'll never miss this one at a grade crossing.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on June 26, 2012 
NorfolkSouthern meets Kodachrome!! They can't say they didn't see this one coming at the grade crossing! I like this and cannot wait for some model railroad manufacturer to start releasing NS Heritage units!! Super cool!!
Posted by Randy on June 27, 2012 
As an Illinois Terminal RR fan, I've been waiting for this diesel for a long time. Former Illinois Terminal President Mr. E. B. Wilson who oversaw some of the final "diesel years" of the IT surly must be smiling from where he is. Even though the NS took a little "creative liberties" with the paint schemes of almost all of the heritage units (this IT unit no exception), they are all truly spectacular! Then they have taken just beautiful photos of each unit as it is released. Well done NS! CSX?
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