Posted by FSWood on April 26, 2012 
Colorful thing. This livery is better choice than later grey. I wonder if you can put a Baldwin sound card in it.
Posted by Jim Thias on April 26, 2012 
Oh my...that is just a gorgeous paint job. Great sky you captured as well, Casey!
Posted by NWVirginianFan on April 26, 2012 
I like this and all the other Heritage paint schemes WAY better than black and white. I wonder if the cost is that much more. Sure would like to see THESE on the rails more. Add the pony emblem and let them roll!
Posted by Ghost85 on April 26, 2012 
This is the best looking heritage unit so far. Great job NS!
Posted by killermike09 on April 26, 2012 
Not even Union Pacific's hertiage paint will ever match that locomotive
Posted by Josh Bomar on April 26, 2012 
Red skies in the morning, conductors take warning?
Posted by Ron Flanary on April 26, 2012 
This is just the latest example of why us old geezer photographers lament the passing of the many diverse railroads of the '50s and '60s. It was a lot more exciting and colorful in the old days--and this just explains why. A gorgeous shot of a gorgeous locomotive!
Posted by hubcityrailfan on April 26, 2012 
"Red sky at morning, Railfan's hearts warming!"
Posted by Bill Trent on April 26, 2012 
Wonder why they felt the need to add the small "NS" initials under the unit number for this heritage locomotive? Still VERY NICE!
Posted by mike scott on April 26, 2012 
Great color and picture
Posted by TheSPModeler on April 26, 2012 
Best ever!
Posted by K100DS on April 26, 2012 
I might just have a new favorite!
Posted by Wharton Separk on April 26, 2012 
You guys just keep gettin'em right ... I grew up on the "Original" NS in Raleigh and my grandfather was an locomotive engineer for them ... what a wonderful tribute. Thanks again NS, and another great photo Casey!
Posted by George W. Hamlin on April 26, 2012 
Kille shot and lighting; nice work!
Posted by Nick McLean on April 26, 2012 
It warms my heart to see this little underdog railroad honored with this great looking unit. Not likely to happen but I guess I'll keep wishing that they'd bring this down to NC and run it down the Carolina Coastal past my house!
Posted by Jim Sinclair on April 26, 2012 
Casey... I do believe you are the only person who could arrange a backdrop sky to be almost the same color as the latest Heritage unit. How do you do it? Beautiful unit and beautiful photo! Thanks again to you and Norfolk Southern! Five Stars and a PCA from me.
Posted by Doug Foust on April 26, 2012 
That's what I call a beautiful thing....
Posted by Jake McGarvie on April 26, 2012 
NS and Casey: once again another one out of the park. This bad ass nasty photo is a PCA frome me!
Posted by Craig Williams on April 27, 2012 
Great color, that helps this paint scheme out alot! Very nice!
Posted by Mike Auer on April 27, 2012 
Beautiful sunrise sets this unit off.
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