Posted by FSWood on December 8, 2010 
Is it just me, or does someone need to write a company check for turbo maintenance?
Posted by Mike Mautner on December 8, 2010 
Neat photo! Looks largely the same today, except the signal bridge is gone and the overpass You took this from is gone also.
Posted by Cristiano R. Oliveira on December 8, 2010 
Oh boy....
Posted by Michael Biehn on December 8, 2010 
Such a sweet photo from one of my favorite spots!
Posted by on December 8, 2010 
The skyline sure has changed, plus there is a NFL stadium smack in the center of that shot now (the long gone Caddy's is in the shot!). All of the C&O signals are gone. Thanks for the memories Don (especially Caddy's - had many good nights in that joint).
Posted by Marc-Anthony Gusman on December 8, 2010 
Now that is rolling coal
Posted by Cliff Gray on December 9, 2010 
Are you sure that they are GE's and not Alco's. Sure looks like it with that smoke!
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