Posted by Chuck Nauman on September 23, 2003 
I didn't know we had wild camels in Texas. Is this for real? I'm confused: what is the significance of a picture of wild (?) camels with a train?
Posted by Dana M. on May 24, 2017 
Nice photo Bob. Reminds me of the comedy movie Hawmps! Based on a REAL U.S. Cavalry experiment. Mr. Chuck Nauman - The significance of Wild Camels in Texas dates back to the 1870's - 1880's. The U.S. Cavalry actually tried an experiment where the U.S. Government imported Camels from the Middle East and gave them to the U.S. Cavalry for use in the Desert of the U.S. Territories. Camels are well adapted to the Desert, and so it was a good idea. The reason being Camels were tried is due to the lack or sparse sources of water in the Desert, and horses require a LOT of water, where Camels do not require as much. So hence the experiment. However - Camels are not fast runners, and when it came to situations where the Cavalry had to get somewhere or leave an area quickly - Camels aren't as fast as horses. Also, Camels are very "nervous" creatures, and they do not handle "stress" very well. U.S. Cavalry tended to get involved in some very stressful situations. Camels were throwing their riders, others would just drop and lay down and not want to was not a great plan. So - the experiment was a good idea - just not practical for military use. Therefore - when the U.S. Cavalry gave up on using Camels for their mounts and ended the experiment - they just set them free to wander the Desert and survive the only way they know how. That's why there are Wild Camels in the Texas Desert.
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