Posted by Vic. Louie on February 24, 2009 
A sad state of afair of our current economy. But this is a nice shot Eu-Jin Ooi.
Posted by assiuolo on February 24, 2009 
Posted by Tony Kimmel on February 24, 2009 
Lots to look at in this great photo.....Thanks for posting Eu-Jin Ooi
Posted by Luke Ansell on February 24, 2009 
Nice shot, but you do realise that UP 2692 is indeed a SD45 and not a SD40-2.
Posted by David Wheeler on February 24, 2009 
Just to let everyone know that that string is growing! It looks like they added 6 more units since Mr Gersdorff's photo taken on February 12th.
Posted by Tim Stevens on February 24, 2009 
They won't be able to add many more! There is only room for about 1 or 2!
Posted by D Balkauskas on February 24, 2009 
UP doesn't have any 45's in service, or even on the roster from memory. It should be a SD40-2M, one of the rebuilds SP had from MK.
Posted by Barry K on February 27, 2009 
Man! Thats a lot of units, I wouldn't mind seeing a pic from the other end of the storage line.
Posted by polarnathan on March 1, 2009 
This is amazing, my dad told me about this and I didn't believe him. Now I do
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