Posted by Scott Marsh on January 31, 2009 
Nice worth getting cold hands.
Posted by Clint on January 31, 2009 
This is a absolutely awesome photo, well done!
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on January 31, 2009 
Great color and execution! PC vote from me and a whole bunch of jealousy and envy. =)
Posted by on January 31, 2009 
Very nice. What provided the light on the side of the trestle?
Posted by J J Schrader on January 31, 2009 
Awesome photo and a PCA vote.
Posted by SeanK97 on January 31, 2009 
Excellent composition, the feeling this one brings (besides freezing your backside) is simply amazing.
Posted by John Higginson on February 1, 2009 
Excellent night shot!
Posted by Darrell Krueger on February 3, 2009 
Great shot JL! Do you even shoot during the day anymore?!
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