Posted by Zach on June 9, 2006 
I can't wait until that tarp is off, that will be a beauty! Notice they are also reusing the tarps, lol!
Posted by Ray Peacock on June 9, 2006 
"get the shot" MJA
Posted by Joe LeMay on June 9, 2006 
It's got yellow pilots. Can't wait to see it!
Posted by Brian Havlicek on June 9, 2006 
My guess is that it will be the DRGW unit... Not positive thugh...
Posted by Ken Huard on June 9, 2006 
What a tease, somebody got a pair of shears
Posted by Scott Locker on June 9, 2006 
If it's going to be unveiled in Denver that means the C&NW unit will be unveiled in Chicago and the SP unit is going to be unveiled in LA or San Francisco
Posted by on June 9, 2006 
To be a true heritage unit, shouldn't it be a tunnel motor?
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on June 9, 2006 
FYI, those pilots are not yellow. Should be Rio Grande "Aspen Gold" (also known as "Grande Gold") although honestly this DRGW heritage unit Gold might be pretty far off from the prototype gold.
Posted by Scott Locker on June 9, 2006 
I agree with joe. If the DRGW heritage unit was gonna be a tunnel motor i know the only canadate: SD40T-2 5371
Posted by on June 10, 2006 
I'm looking forward to seeing the unveiling truth be known. In a way, it's more exciting to see what UP has come up with then knowing the paint scheme befor unveiling. If CSX were to ever do this though, I'd hope they would stick close to their ancestor schemes.
Posted by BNP&RT01 on June 10, 2006 
What with the UP doing the other Heritage schemes, this is very neat how they are keeping everyone teased :)
Posted by Jerome Mildred on June 10, 2006 
Thing is, that's the lead locomotive ;)
Posted by Dean Kaplan on June 11, 2006 
Can't wait to see what this unit looks like when it is revealed
Posted by Leonard Ruback on June 12, 2006 
Good job, on the scene reporting! Oh boy, another one with a bright underframe. Sure looks to be a takeoff on the passenger scheme with the Grande gold. Are you SURE there wasn't a PA under that tarp! :-)
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