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John M Daubner
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Personal Information
Location: Pittsburgh PA area
Occupation: former s/w engineer, now retired
Interests: Trains (obviously), Airplanes, and Computers

Photo Albums
Bright FutureAlbum Views: 631
CSX including later schemes
PassesAlbum Views: 329
Beautiful Photo!Album Views: 389
QNS&LAlbum Views: 419
My wife once worked on this railroad's diesels at Erie, PA.
Pennsy and Ohio RailsAlbum Views: 766
There were just too many trains photographed in these 3 states (as well as Delaware) too ignore.
TowersAlbum Views: 342
TunnelsAlbum Views: 422
I finally decided that I needed an album for Tunnels.
Rough, Snowy or Wet WeatherAlbum Views: 438
I Really Like These FotosAlbum Views: 2,556
These are fotos I really like but have I've already nominated too many for People's Choice Awards
Bridge Over (Un)troubled WaterAlbum Views: 740
Catenaries, catenaries and more catenariesAlbum Views: 601
Urban RailsAlbum Views: 750
Favorite Paint Schemes or LocosAlbum Views: 1,129
Florida East CoastAlbum Views: 4,360
Southern BelleAlbum Views: 456
KCS trains in the "Southern Belle" plumage.
Mixed ConsistsAlbum Views: 556
Tehachapi PassAlbum Views: 549
Altoona & Horseshoe CurveAlbum Views: 1,505
CBQ to BNSFAlbum Views: 1,794
And everything in between. Diesels only.
DrawbridgesAlbum Views: 625
Bascule and swing bridges included.
Baltic RailsAlbum Views: 521
Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia
Ukrainian RailsAlbum Views: 362
Wind!Album Views: 687
Cab LocosAlbum Views: 892
Black DiamondsAlbum Views: 738
Nebraskan RailsAlbum Views: 460
Iberian Peninsular RailsAlbum Views: 1,166
Hometown RailsAlbum Views: 518
Rails in and around Hartford, WI
Czech RailsAlbum Views: 2,226
Circus TrainAlbum Views: 8,894
Texan RailsAlbum Views: 706
Rails in Texas
Russki RailsAlbum Views: 918
Includes the Ukraine, (my apologies, Leonid)
Chinese RailsAlbum Views: 569
Frozen TundraAlbum Views: 981
German RailsAlbum Views: 1,069
Like it says,rails in Germany
British RailsAlbum Views: 762
Britain, Ireland and Wales
French RailsAlbum Views: 1,855
Mussolini Made them run on TimeAlbum Views: 806
Italian rails
Scandinavian RailsAlbum Views: 2,862
Trains in Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland
MeetsAlbum Views: 2,717
BAM!Album Views: 1,015
A little snowplow action
East CoastAlbum Views: 1,436
Eastern US, that is.
DixieAlbum Views: 3,396
The southern US
The Plains, the plainsAlbum Views: 1,239
Parts of the Midwest US that didn't fit in other albums.
Pacific NorthwestAlbum Views: 1,819
I wish I were thereAlbum Views: 940
Happy New YearAlbum Views: 401
Rail YardsAlbum Views: 1,293
Mountain RailsAlbum Views: 751
SignalsAlbum Views: 1,235
Wooah, just woahAlbum Views: 1,445
Awesome photos.
CrossingsAlbum Views: 1,353
Anything that a railroad can cross, such as other rails, rivers and roads.
XmasAlbum Views: 491
Crossings at GradeAlbum Views: 532
Where road and rail meets
Middle EastAlbum Views: 1,061
Great LakesAlbum Views: 1,408
Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Ontario, Michigan
Chicago and NorthwesternAlbum Views: 1,720
Latin RailsAlbum Views: 1,175
Basically, north, central and south America
Asian RailsAlbum Views: 2,701
African RailsAlbum Views: 1,160
RR workersAlbum Views: 1,107
Irish TrainsAlbum Views: 1,092
Top o' the mornin' to ye
German TrainsAlbum Views: 611
Modern ones, that is
North American Passenger TrainsAlbum Views: 4,404
in revenue service, including commuter rails and named trains, such as the Hiawatha and Superchief.
Roundhouses and TurntablesAlbum Views: 909
Scenic ViewsAlbum Views: 5,478
The Land Down UnderAlbum Views: 1,519
Australian and New Zealand Rails
OCSAlbum Views: 1,665
Office Car Specials, FRA Specials & Business Trains. It also includes royalty trains, where applicable.
NorthlandsAlbum Views: 4,517
Land of the HiawathaAlbum Views: 4,361
Milwaukee Road, current and past, including its successors.
Desert southwestAlbum Views: 10,321
Rails of the Southwestern US
European Passenger TrainsAlbum Views: 2,533
CaliforniaAlbum Views: 3,687
Hugging the CoastAlbum Views: 1,019
'BurghAlbum Views: 2,131
Rails in Western PA
Big AppleAlbum Views: 1,424
Trains in and around New York City.
G'nightAlbum Views: 5,827
Military TrainsAlbum Views: 1,040
EMD LocosAlbum Views: 1,634
Japanese trainsAlbum Views: 906
European cargo trainsAlbum Views: 1,529
Swiss railsAlbum Views: 1,802
Commuter railsAlbum Views: 1,355
American and Canadian Commuter lines
Chi TownAlbum Views: 1,579
In and around Chicago, and the state of Illinois.
Brrrrrrr!Album Views: 5,283
I'm surprised the photographer was able to click the shutter on his/her camera for these pictures; it looks so cold.
RockiesAlbum Views: 1,070
trains in the American Rockies
Milwaukee areaAlbum Views: 1,143
Trains in and around the beer city,including the entire state of Wisconsin
GE LocosAlbum Views: 3,921
Trains pulled by modern GE locos, from Dash-9s onward. My favorite locos, probably because I worked for GE at Erie, PA.
High Speed Passenger TrainsAlbum Views: 2,124
High speed trains, such as the ICE, Velaro, Eurostar, TGV, Accela and others.

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